The Everyday Concerned Citizen is a site for the everyday working person to easily get info & take online action in the ongoing campaign to revive & restore our country–the USA, democracy, & world
This is a share-info and take-action non-partisan page for everyone concerned about the state of affairs currently in the US on issues such as
1) restoring our democracy from all the current rollback of rights we’re seeing
2) getting corruption out of Congress
3) peace instead of war
4) clean food, air, water
5) human rights for all
6) justice for all
7) openness and transparency in government
8) demilitarizing of police/cities
9) ending chem trails or “geoengineering”
10) ending corporate holds on our media, healthcare systems (including holistic/alternative health), energy technologies & everything else
11) and all other things designed to recreate our Paradise on earth.
Many NGOs and non-profits are working on these issues. This page aims to support all their efforts and get the word out re. the petitions and campaigns they are running to help change things around. Please drop in to share significant news articles or petitions and please click on and sign posted petitions. This page is all about community and networking so please share petitions and news articles widely. Thanks!

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